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6 popular wedding themes

 For 2023

An aesthetic for every kind of bride.  


Do you prefer timeless over trendy or tried and true above anything new? If so, classic maybe the perfect wedding theme for your big day! Delicate white florals, neat black suits, and a neutral color pallet are all staples for a classic wedding look that will never go out of style.

When it comes to florals, our Alyssa Collection is perfect for that classic kind of bride. Simple and elegant, this bouquet featuring all ivory sola wood flowers is a timeless look we will always love.

Floral Collection Featured:
Alyssa Collection, with standard colors.


What's better than classic romance mixed with a little bit of dark and dreamy? Moody is a more recent wedding theme that bride's can't seem to get enough of! Rich jewel tones, cozy candle lighting and dramatic decor set the stage wonderfully for a mysterious and magical wedding. 

As one of our most recent 2022 collections, Kate is our pick for the trendy, moody bride. Featuring deep shades of purple and burgundy, and plenty of preserved eucalyptus, Kate is the perfect balance of edgy meets romantic.

Floral Collection Featured:
Kate Collection, with standard colors.

"Planning the biggest day of your life is only the beginning of your adventure."


Are you the kind of bride that loves earthy details, overflowing florals and a natural backdrop? Look no further than a boho themed wedding. Ethereal and exquisite, boho weddings use the beauty of natural and organic elements to achieve a magical, indie feel.

Boho wedding florals call for plenty of pampas and our Trinity collection delivers just that. Our Trinity is an effortlessly chic, neutral design that will compliment any boho decor you have in mind.

Floral Collection Featured:
Trinity Collection, with standard colors.


Romantic & feminine, vintage weddings are on the rise for 2023! If you're the kind of bride that loves a sweet and classic look, opt for a vintage theme with plenty of tasteful, earthy tones, delicate details, and timeless touches that aren't going out of style anytime soon.

Thinking a Vintage wedding might be right for you? Check out our Raven (or our Lilah!) collection! As one of our most romantic floral collections, Raven puts the focus entirely on our delicate sola wood flowers, dyed in various shades of dusty pink, by taking a twist and forgoing any overindulgent greenery

Floral Collection Featured:
Raven Collection, with standard colors.

"No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success."


It's the most wonderful time of the year... for a wedding! If you love the magic of the holiday season, then a winter wedding just might be the choice for you. Pair red, green and classic wedding white together with festive decor such as faux snow, evergreen branches and magic fairy lights to create your dream holiday wedding.

Nothing sets the tone for a winter wedding like our Nicole collection! Plenty of preserved eucalyptus combines with red and ivory sola wood flowers in this collection to create a magical, seasonal design.

Floral Collection Featured:
Nicole Collection, with standard colors.


Enchanting and mystical, woodland theme weddings play on the natural beauty and charm of an intimate forest setting. Towering trees and colorful autumn leaves are the perfect wedding backdrop for a bride who feels drawn to all things earthy. 

When it comes to florals for your woodland wedding, consider our Jordyn Collection. Jordyn is is the epitome of Autumn vibes, with all the rust and bronze tones gathered up together and tied up with chiffon ribbon.

Floral Collection Featured:
Jordyn Collection, with standard colors.


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