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Wooden sola flower preserved bridal bouquet and wedding floral collection, timeless floral and keepsake decor every bride will love. Jordyn is one of our signature bridal designs - incorporating nothing but dried and preserved florals and greenery, and tons of our soft wood flowers in delicious autumn tones.


The Jordyn collection is everything. The Jordyn is the epitome of Autumn vibes, with all the rust and bronze tones gathered up together and tied up with chiffon ribbon. Our Jordyn will leave you swooning, and needing toehold it in front of the mirror just about one thousand times prior to ever reaching your wedding day. Jordyn is one of our signature bridal designs - incorporating nothing but dried and preserved florals and greenery, and tons of our soft wood flowers in delicious autumn tones of rust, terracotta, tan, and champagne.

Champagne, Sand, Terracotta, and Rust. No Ivory/raw flowers incorporated.

(Not all sizes are available in every collection ~ please see available options in the dropdown menu of the listing you are purchasing.)
Signature Bridal: 24-26” diameter
Grand Bridal: 14” diameter
Luxe Bridal: 12" diameter
Intimate Bridal: 10" diameter
Classic Bridesmaid: 7" diameter
Flower Girl Mini: 3-4" diameter, uses miniature wood flowers instead of regular size flowers

Cascade Sizing (if cascades are offered in dropdown. Not available in this collection if they are not in the dropdown menu.)
Cascading Luxe Bridal: 12-13” diameter, 18-20” cascade drop
Cascading Intimate Bridal: 9-10” diameter, 14-16” cascade drop

ALL ITEMS WILL BE MADE AS SHOWN, although you can choose different flower colors if desired. To request different flower colors in this design, simply refer to our official Color Guide here: Then enter your requested colors in the “LEAVE A NOTE” section at checkout.

See our banner on each page to get current lead times. This is the LEAD time to reach your order, not production time. It only takes a couple of days to complete an order once we reach it, but we are booked out several weeks at any given time.

We ship exclusively via UPS. Once shipped, shipping typically takes 2-5 days, at this time shipping only within the USA. Shopping via our website gives you free shipping on all orders.

All of our sola wood flowers are imported directly from India. We hand soften, and hand color, all of our flowers by hand, and then pair with them with preserved or premium faux greenery to create our signature arrangements. Please note, the final product can and will vary slightly from these pictures, due to the handmade and natural aspect of our products All items purchased will be made to order ~ you are not purchasing the exact item shown in these photos, although the item shown in the photos was made by Evergreen Bride and will be nearly identical to yours. The soft wooden flower used in our arrangements are a NATURAL sola wood product, which means they do have the rare, but inevitable, wood grain spot or mark and this is not in our control. We do our best to limit these marks or spots. 


PHOTO CREDITS to the unmatched photographer Kayla Renee, for her stunning talent in these bridal photos; book her for your own day here —> 

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