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10 Times Sola Wood Wedding Flowers were Prettier than Fresh

You (and your guests) will be left speechless.


Wooden flowers are surprisingly hardy in all elements... whether they're painted, dyed, or left "raw" (their natural creamy/ivory color), they are incredibly resistant to damage regardless of the elements they encounter. 

Evergreen Bride Alyssa looked out of this world ethereal on her wedding day, and her bridal florals proved that even on a rainy day they will remain perfect. If wooden flowers do get wet they should be allowed to dry back out before being put back in any paper, plastic, or packaging - but they will not fade, droop, or otherwise lose integrity regardless of rain, clouds or shine.

Floral Collection Featured:
Alyssa Collection, with standard colors.


Sola wood flowers are commonly paired with dried and preserved florals and foliage. Able to be created in any color, wooden flowers are particularly breathtaking in deep tones of rust, and various neutral shades. 

In her most stunning DIY'd bridal bouquet, our beautiful Evergreen Bride Kirston chose multiple layers of pampas grass, bleached italian ruscus, preserved spiral eucalyptus and everlasting wooden sola flowers. In spite of wind and rain, our team agrees she could not have been anymore stunning. And those flowers... well, you tell us what you think!

Floral Collection Featured:
Angelika Collection, with standard colors.


Alexandra stunned us all when she took elements from two different DY kits and made a look all her own. With hints of desert boho, paired with wild mountain greens and gorgeous shades of rust and neutrals, we fell in love with this collection at first sight, and it the Alexandra became part of our signature floral collection .

Alexandra proves you can have the beauty of real florals, while still having a timeless bouquet that can be kept for years to come.

Floral Collection Featured:
Alexandra Collection, with standard colors.

"Every bride deserves to have exactly what she wants, for as long as she wants it, and for exactly how she wants it."


Evergreen Bride Jordyn had perhaps the most romantic mix of enchanted forest and boho that we have ever seen! Loads of dried and preserved greenery were paired with multiple pampas varieties and loads of wooden sola flowers, to create an absolutely unforgettable statement on her wedding day and keepsake for many years after.

Wooden sola flowers provide an incredibly versatile aesthetic to add to your floral design, that look real on your wedding day and remain gorgeous for decades to come.

Floral Collection Featured:
Jordyn Collection, with standard colors.


Zoe was a truly breathtaking bride, and her flowers could be no less. With just a touch of faux ruscus, her bouquet incorporates primarily preserved and dried foliage and greenery, and features shades of neutral and ivory in the timeless wooden flowers. 

One of our favorite original collections, this timeless beauty continues to be one of our most popular, and most versatile designs.

Floral Collection Featured:
Zoe Collection, with standard colors.


The Cheyenne collection was our very first Signature collection we released at Evergreen, and it has been a smashing hit since debuting all those years ago. Shown here carried by the beautiful and elegant Carolina, we fall in love yet again! The custom colors Carolina chose in shades of coral and ivory, and a soft blossom pink , pair perfectly with the layers of eucalyptus and subtle hints of pampas. 

The wooden flowers surprise yet again, in this stunningly perfect example of how there is no limit to how you can design with wooden flowers. Evergreen Bride was the first brand to show what was possible with the wooden flowers. Whether you envision classic, unique, elegant or statement for your bouquet style... wooden flowers really can do it all.

Floral Collection Featured:
Cheyenne Collection, with custom colors.


Awe, the Savannah ~ a fairytale wedding dream! The Savannah shows what you can create when you take neutrals out of the mix and go for stunning color! Bright and beautiful pinks and peaches adorn this lovely design, where the custom painted wooden sola flowers are nestled gently in with preserved silver dollar eucalyptus, preserved misty green caspia, and other dried and preserved florals.

The Savannah reminds us all that regardless of the look a bride longs for, she can get the romance, and the beauty of fresh flowers, as well as the timelessness of wooden flowers, all in one beautiful design.

Floral Collection Featured:
Savannah Collection, with standard colors.


Sara was a stunning bride, who placed yet another variation on our Cheyenne design ~ she went with shades of burnt orange, rust, and soft neutrals. In a woodsy, enchanted vibe, Sara shows how you can combine both soft and textured elements, pampas and greenery, bleached floral and natural... and get the elegant romance you've always dreamed of. 

Seeing Sara's take on her wooden florals, on a day that spared no element of perfection, how are you feeling about wooden flowers for your day?

Floral Collection Featured:
Cheyenne Collection, with custom colors.

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"Like the sun, the moon, and the stars... I am convinced, that our love is eternal."