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Custom Listing for Michelle

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Bride: Michelle Brady

Consult Date | January 9, 2024

Email |

Wedding Date | June 22, 2024

Colors | Pink, Orange, Yellow, Maroon, White

EB Colors | Daisy, Daffodil, Astilbe, Mulberry, Sunshine, Terracotta, Ice

Collection | Laney

Assembled or DIY | Assembled


Notes | 

There will be minimal Terracotta and Ice, only use a couple minis in each color. The Bud Vase Bundle consists of a box of 30 flowers with stems, and a bundle of greenery and filler from the collection.

As of now, use nude chiffon. Michelle wants to see other color options for the handle, so she might change it. A picture of the different colors, along side the chosen flower colors, has been attached. The standard Laney chiffon (nude) has been circled. 

Please send pictures before shipping. 


Assembled Items: 5 Items 

1 – Luxe Bridal | 225

1 – Classic Bridesmaid | 99

1 – Groom's Boutonnière | 22

1 – 3' Arch Arrangement | 325

1 – Bud Vase Bundle | 95


Total | $766.00



*Be advised taxes are not included. 

**Please be aware that pricing is subject to change 7 days from the date of consult.