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Custom Listing for Kayle

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers.

Custom Listing for Kayle 


Wedding Date | September 9, 2023 

Pick Up Date | Mid to late August 

Collection | Custom – Like the retail centerpieces on the round Tables 

EB Colors | Ivory and Champagne 

Notes | Bride has pampas that she is willing to bring for us to use for the order that she was hoping to get a discount for using. 



8 – 24" Centerpiece | 230 ea with Bride supplying pampas

1 – 2' Arch | 205 with bride's pampas

2 – Child Hair Clip | 24 ea. 

1 - Group of Arch Arrangements, similar to inspiration photo sent | 550

Custom Fee | Waived

Total |  $2,643


*Please note that taxes are not included in the pricing. 

**Be advised that pricing is subject to change 7 days from the date of consult.