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Custom Listing for Jessica

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Jessica

Wedding | December 29, 2023

Colors | Red, Blue, Black 

EB Colors | Cabernet, Ruby, Midnight, Smoke, Sand 

Collection | Custom

Assembled or DIY | Assembled 

Notes | 

There will be no ivory. This will be a mixture of Zoe and Kate. She for sure wants the King Protea, Silver Dollar/Seeded Eucalyptus, Texas Tallow, and Heather. She would also like to add blue thistle (echinops). Do not use any pampas. Use whatever other fillers and greenery from the collections that help tie it all in. She wants it to be moody winter, and to fit the vibe of the vintage industrial venue. She also does not like standard and elegant roses, so make sure to use mostly other types of flowers. 

One of the groomsmen boutonnières will be Midnight, with blue filler added in. Could use blue spiral eucalyptus and/or faux blue berries. The other boutonnières will be Cabernet. 

Use less flowers on the bridal crown (probably no more than 6) and more filler/greenery. The mini hair combs will only have one Cabernet flower on them. They will be built on a 1” hair comb rather than the standard hair comb we use. The Bud Vase Bundle consists of a bundle of filler and greenery, and a box of 30 flowers and stems.  

Assembled Items: 14 Items 

1 – Classic Maid

3 – Flower Girl Mini 

4 – Groomsman Boutonnière 

1 – Floral Hair Comb

3 – Mini 1” Hair Comb 

1 – 15 Loose Cake Flowers 

1 – Bud Vase Bundle