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Custom Listing for Fran

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Fran

Wedding | April 27, 2024

Colors | Ivory, Green, Pale Yellow, Blue

EB Colors | Ivory, Sand, Daisy, Marigold, Sunflower, Ice

Collection | Custom

Assembled or DIY | Assembled/DIY 

Notes | 

Fran would like to see a sample box before placing a whole order. The colors and filler could potentially changed since she’s using the box to determine what she wants. She is leaning more towards DIY, but if we aren’t able to do a DIY with the custom then she would consider assembled or just adjust a standard collection. 

She would like the inspired collections to be Breanna, Tabthya, and Sunny. Fran also likes the mix of different flowers in the Gabrielle (particularly the daisy-like yellow flowers, but also the larger white flower). The style and design needs to be a little more contained and traditional, not super wild. Do not use any silver dollar or seeded eucalyptus. Fran definitely wants baby’s breath, leathered fern, and blue filler. She was also okay with olive branch. Try to stay away from light greenery, she prefers it closer the darker evergreen color. 

Assembled Items: 1 Item 

1 – Sample Box