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Custom Listing for Cali

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Cali

Wedding | TBD

Colors | Ivory, Dusty Pink, Sage

EB Colors | Ivory, Pearl, Champagne 

Collection | Custom

Assembled or DIY | Assembled

Notes | 

There is not a set day for the wedding yet, but Cali would like it to be delivered it January so that it is ready for when the time comes!

There is an inspiration picture for the design. The suggested fillers and greenery are: olive branch and/or parvifolia, pampas, wheat, bleached ruscus, bleached bunny tails, dried baby’s breath, dyed dusty rose yarrow, silver brunia. 

The handles will be wrapped in twine. The shape will be more front facing, like our boho designs. Groom’s boutonnière: big pearl cottage rose + mini ivory beauty rose. Groomsmen: champagne cottage rose. 



Assembled Items: 6 Items

1 – Luxe Bridal 

1 – Classic Bridesmaid 

1 – Flower Girl Mini 

1 – Groom’s Boutonnière 

2 – Groomsmen Boutonnière