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Custom Listing for Brooke

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Brooke

Wedding | November 4, 2023

Colors | Muted Desert Tones, Mauve, Dusty Rose, Sage, Terracotta 

EB Colors | Ivory, Sand, Terracotta, Vintage Rose, Bellerose

Collection | Angelika 

Assembled or DIY | Assembled 

Notes | 

Brooke and her fiancé do not want any standard or elegant roses. Add peonies and dahlias in addition to a variety of others types of flowers. Confirm with Brooke that a cottage rose is okay for the boutonnières just in case her fiancé doesn’t like that type of rose as well. 

Groom’s boutonnière: terracotta. Groomsman and Mini boutonnières: vintage rose. 

Assembled Items: 8 Items 

1 – Luxe Bridal 

1 – Groom’s Boutonnière 

1 – Groomsman Boutonnière 

2 – Mini Boutonnière 

3 – Jr Floral Crown