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Custom FGM for Fran

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Fran

Wedding | April 27, 2024

Colors | Ivory, Green, Pale Yellow, Blue

EB Colors | Ivory, Sand, Daisy, Marigold, Sunflower, Ice

Collection | Custom

Assembled or DIY | Assembled/DIY 

Notes | 

The main colors will be Ivory and Sunflower, the other colors will just be accents. She would like some sunflowers in the Sunflower color. She requested, if possible, could we somehow paint the inside of the sunflower brown, so that it looks more realistic. If we are able to, she would like to see a picture of it first. But she said do not worry about it if it’s too much trouble.
Fillers and Greenery: Cedar, Leather Fern, Caspia, Faux Lovely Ruscus, Gypsy Bloom, Blue Starflowers, Green Starflowers, Yellow Starflowers, Pink Starflowers, Lavender Starflowers, Natural Starflowers. Do not use an excessive amount of each color of the starflowers. Since there’s so many colors, each one will just have a couple clusters.

DIY Items: 1 Item 

1 – Flower Girl Mini