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Custom Listing for Whitney 2

Custom Listing by Evergreen Bride for wedding flowers

Custom Listing for Whitney


Wedding | December 31, 2023

Colors | White, Champagne, Neutrals 

EB Colors | Ivory, Cloud, Champagne, Pearl, Bellerose

Collection | Custom

Assembled or DIY | Assembled 

Notes | 

Filler/Greenery: preserved pampas, faux pampas, olive spiral (bridal only), bleached ruscus, bleached silver dollar eucalyptus, bleached hanging amaranths, bleached bunny tails, stardust baby’s breath, wisteria, lunaria, faux white flocked fern, pearls

Disco balls will go in the arch and sign. Pearls will be added to the bridal, groom’s boutonnière, and corsages. All handles are wrapped in ivory chiffon. All corsages will use ivory chiffon. 

Groom’s boutonnière: ivory cottage rose + mini champagne camelia. Groomsmen boutonnières: ivory cottage rose. Mini Ring Bearer boutonnière: mini ivory cottage rose. Flower Girl Mini corsage: mini ivory cottage rose. Wrist Corsages: ivory cottage rose + ivory beauty rose. 

Whitney wants very minimal accent flowers in the bouquets, so use only a few minis. Add a little bit of olive spiral eucalyptus to the bridal.  

She wants the size of her arch to be the size of the one in our studio above the couch! So maybe around 5-6 feet? But she wants it to drape down the sides more. This will probably be built on 2-3 arch boards. It will have all 5 colors. 

The filler for the centerpieces and the arch will be: preserved pampas, faux pampas, bleached silver dollar, baby’s breath, and faux frosted fern. Pampas as the main filler. The small centerpieces will have only ivory and cloud flowers. The large centerpieces will have a variety of all 5 colors. There will be very minimal flowers in all centerpieces! 

The large centerpieces will be about the size of the Bella arrangement under Kirston’s frame on the wall. But she does not want it to have a “back”, the flowers and filler need to go all the way around. The small centerpieces will be maybe around 15-20inches. She liked the size of one of the custom arrangements on the retail side. The whole thing doesn’t have to be that big, she wants a few pieces sticking out the far like the caspia. All centerpieces can be built in standard centerpiece boxes. 

For the sign piece, she wants the bottom part to be the size of the Bella arrangement as well. The top one will be about two feet, she pointed out the size of the Raven arch on the wall. Only ivory and cloud flowers.  

The faux pampas is not a substitute for our pampas, she wants us to use the amount of pampas we would normally use, and add hers in as well. Whitney wants lots of pampas! 

Inspiration pictures for a few different pieces will be attached once we receive them. 


Wedding Party Assembled Items:
1 – Luxe Bridal
5 – Classic Bridesmaid 
8 – Wrist Corsage
1 – Flower Girl Mini Corsage
1 – Groom’s Boutonnière
4 – Groomsmen Boutonnières 
1 – Mini Ring Bearer Boutonnière 


Ceremony Decor Assembled Items:
7 – Large Centerpiece (24-30” size)
15 – Small Centerpiece (10” with some stems reaching out to 20”) 
1 – Extra Large Arch Arrangement (2-3 of our standard arches)
1 – Top Signage Piece (24” width)
1 – Bottom Signage Piece, floor compote bowl style, size of large arrangement (24-30")


Note: Bride is supplying additional faux pampas grass that we will work into her design, in addition to all of our floral that we will be providing to work with. Bride will also supply disco balls at least two weeks prior to pickup date, which we will incorporate into the design for her.