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Lead Floral Designer

Rachel is the lovely team member you WANT creating your pieces! She is always focused on the details, on loving what she creates, and on investing the time and effort needed to create the perfect pieces, that you will fall in love with too :).
Five things Rachel wants to share with you all:
1.    One thing the world ought to know about me is that I will stop dead in my tracks to admire a pretty sky. Whether it’s a sunset, sunrise, or bright blue sky, I will pull over on the side of the road or walk through a muddy field to get a better view of it. Almost nothing makes me happier. 
    2.    I have a dog named Mystic. He’s a beautiful Dalmatian and has TONS of energy. He’s just as clingy as I am so we do literally everything together. We’re the best of friends. 
    3.    I love to spend time with my family during my free time. I lived two hours away from my family for 7 years so now that I’ve moved back I try to spend as much time with them as I can! 
    4.    Ironically, one of my favorite things is perished/withered flowers! I used to get excited when my friends would get flowers because I knew they’d give them to me once they started to wither. Plants are also one of my favorite things...but i prefer those alive.
    5. And this wouldn’t be an accurate list of my favorite things if I didn’t mention Taylor Swift. My car rides consist of me singing her songs at the top of my lungs as if I can relate to every single song.