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Owner + Founder

I grew up in rural Arkansas, homeschooled for much of my school-age years, and found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. When I wasn’t riding my horse or helping out with my many siblings, I would spend many of my earliest years finding ways to sell something. You might find me baking bread and homemade granola and selling them by the bag-full every Sunday at church, or consuming every book I could get my hands on over how to host a dog walking business, sell lemonade at my grandmother’s house, or advertise a babysitting business. I learned how to play guitar and gave music lessons to friends, and I even learned HTML coding at the age of 12 so that I could create advertisement banners for online businesses. I made my earliest sell to someone I didn’t know at the age of 13, to a sweet lady from another state who must have had a sweet spot in her heart for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. I didn’t know at the time that an entrepreneur was who I was, but after nearly 20 years of wandering aimlessly through life, eventually I guess we all come back around if we keep searching for what is calling us.


After creating my wedding floral business in 2013, and watching it grow slowly over the years into a full fledged bridal brand by 2019, I had finally come to realize that I had fallen completely in love with the art of business and entrepreneurship. My firm belief is that as long as I focus on the power of mindset and the impact that can have on customers and employees alike, that I will continue to run a successful business that women everywhere will love working for, and buying from.


When I’m NOT doing all things business (which is pretty rare), you will probably find me drinking cream with a little coffee, listening to entrepreneurship books on audio, or hanging out at home with my husband and three children, my oldest of which now also works for the family business :).