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Repurposing your wedding florals: what to do after the big day

Once your wedding is over, don't let those beautiful flowers go to waste! Here are four ideas on how to display them.

Your wedding day is a special one full of memories and emotions. As the day draws to a close and the last guest leaves, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all your beautiful florals from the bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. You spent time selecting each bloom for its beauty and meaning, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep them forever? Well now you can! Here are some creative ways to repurpose your florals after your wedding. 


Wreaths are a lovely, classic home decor option for repurposing your florals.  These circular arrangements made of interlocking flowers make for an elegant display that will look amazing wherever you choose to showcase it. Take your wreath up a notch by using sentimental florals from your big day as part of the arrangement! 

Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is an ideal way to preserve delicate florals without worrying about damage from environmental factors like sunlight or humidity. This type of frame is especially perfect for preserving bouquets and centerpieces that may include ribbons, pins, fabric accents, and more fragile elements that won’t stand up long-term against other elements outside the shadowbox. Many brides also choose this option because it looks great displayed on shelves or hung on walls as well! 

Vase Displays

Vases are always a classic choice for displaying floral bouquets. Whether featured on a shelf or placed atop a table, vases are timeless pieces of home decor that showcase our sola wood flowers beautifully —making them perfect for preserving those sentimental blooms from your wedding day without worry of wilting or fading over time! 

Floral Bars

Floral bars are an easy way to bring style and elegance into any home. This modern and minimalistic decor option keeps your blooms suspended in mid-air with thin wire that lets each fragile flower shine in its own light. The floral bar is a stunning focal point that looks great on any table or placed atop a fireplace mantle. 


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