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How to dye sola wood flowers

A step by step guide to take you from beginner to professional in no time!

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Prep & Gather

The paint can splash as you are mixing, especially if dipping stems that are on wire stems, so prepare accordingly. Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on! 

Materials that will be helpful: 

 - A quart size glass or plastic container (if possible, choose one with a large/wide opening, but not too wide of a base, so that you will get the most use out of your paint and it is not spread too thin once you use most of it up!)

 - Cooling Rack/Cookie Sheet Rack: these are perfect to dry your flowers on! 

 - Paper towels (these are helpful to place over your work space, and underneath the cookie sheet if you are using one to dry the flowers, or underneath the container that you will place your stemmed flowers in to dry) 

 - A metal stirring spoon or wooden stirrer 

 - Kitchen soap for washing dishes afterward

Painting Process

- Shake paint bottle gently prior to opening 

- Remove sticker and open carefully 

- Empty contents of paint into your container 

 - Add warm water and mix - see chart below for amount specific to your paint color (helpful tip, after measuring your water, dump some of it into your paint container first and shake gently with lid on—then pour contents into the bowl. This ensures you use all of your paint and don’t leave any behind!) 

 For stemmed flowers, hold the wire stem and dip the flower head into the paint mixture, gently shake the wire stem over the container to remove excess paint, and set stemmed flower directly into a container, stem-first, to dry. 

For loose, un-stemmed flowers, (don a pair of disposable gloves if you would like), hold the flower by hand and submerge it into the paint mixture, making sure that all of the flower has been dipped into the mix. Best practice for non-stemmed flowers is to place each flower on a cooling rack over paper towels— your non-stemmed flowers will dry quickest and most evenly with air being able to get underneath the flower. Important: Do not lay your flowers directly on paper towels, hand towels, or any other material other than metal or plastic, as the flowers may stick to the surface and the paint can get damaged when you pick them up. 

 - For quickest drying (as quick as one hour depending on paint color), place a personal fan or box fan facing towards your flowers. This will speed up drying time by 3-6 times, when compared to letting them simply dry on their own. 

 - Once done dipping flowers, rinse and wash any bowls/spoons/etc. immediately with warm soapy water. Do not put dishes with paint on them through your dishwasher until you have washed them by hand and removed the paint.

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Once you have mixed your paint solution with water, be mindful to use the solution the day that you mix it, as it will separate if left overnight after having already mixed with water. 

Once you have dipped a flower into the paint, observe whether all petals have been covered sufficiently by paint. It is not always necessary to double-dip but you may want to re-dip some portion of the petal to make sure that the paint is able to find its way into all the little curves and hollows of your blooms.  

 For certain flowers that are more likely to lose their shape when dipping (such as roses), be cautious to dip quickly and not leave the flower in the mixture very long.  

 If you have any questions at any time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us (for Etsy orders, message us on Etsy; for website orders, message

Water Addition Chart

These Colors Get 9 ounces of water: (For best results, use a glass liquid measuring cup to measure the water.)  

Concrete, Cloud,  Twilight,  Midnight,  Eucalyptus,  Cascades,  Marsala,  Pinot,  Ruby,  Merlot,  Cabernet,  Sangria,  Rust,  Burnt Orange,  Sunflower,  Chianti,  Plum,  Grape and Passion

These Colors Get 16 ounces of water: (For best results, use a glass liquid measuring cup to measure the water.) 

Sand, Champagne, Stone, Smoke, Fog, Sky, Ice, Mint, Woods, Daffodil, Daisy, Marigold, Terracotta, Mulberry, Dogwood, Astilbe, Carnation, Blossom, Desert Rose, Bellerose, Vintage Rose, Himalayan Rose, Quartz Rose, Pearl Rose, Lilac, Lavender and Wisteria


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