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Evergreen Bride's Core Values

The beliefs and principles that drive our business

What are core values?

Our core values are the basic principles we use to guide and direct our organization and its culture. Every employee of Evergreen Bride is held accountable to agree and abide by these values in order to keep our workspace a positive, safe, and happy space.

1. We do not engage in pessimism, sarcasm, or criticism.

Keeping a positive mindset while at work is vital not only to your own happiness and productivity, but to your coworkers as well. While everyone has bad days, or struggles from time to time, try your hardest to find the silver lining in every situation to lift yourself and those around you up!

2. We build confidence.

Evergreen Bride's mission is to bring confidence to everyone's life that it touches. It is vital to our business that we work our hardest to cultivate confidence in each other and ourselves.

3. We believe in constant improvement

This means we change a lot. Work your hardest to embrace that change and know that it can only help to improve the work environment. We are a a small company that is ever growing and changing in all aspects at all times.

4. We do not gossip.

We do not condone any conversations happening at the workplace, on the clock, involving behind-the-back discussion about any other team members. We practice love and one-on-one discussions when necessary should they ever be needed between coworkers.

5. We believe presentation matters

Presentation is a huge part of the floral industry. We will always work our hardest to create & package florals in a way that we are proud of and that truly represents the quality of Evergreen Bride.

6. We do not use our struggles as excuses to fail

Everyone falls short from time to time because we are all human. What is not okay, is failing to take accountability when we do make a mistake, and equally, failing to learn from our mistakes so that we know how to avoid making the same mistake in the future.


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