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You chose amazing by choosing wooden for your bridal flowers! That choice eliminates at least 50% of the stress, worry, and dare I say trauma, involved with keeping your bridal arrangements beautiful for years to come. After all ~ your wooden flowers won't die so you're already ahead of the game ;).

But what can you do to help ensure that they last as long as possible? 

There are 10 things you can do to help keep your flowers beautiful for years, even a lifetime. 

1. When you first receive your flowers from Evergreen Bride, make sure that you go ahead and remove your flowers from their shipping box, and store them upright. A vase, mason jar, or any sturdy cup or container will work well to hold your bouquets in a safe, upright position so that they are not lying on their side. You don't want to leave them buried in the box, where the pressure of the packaging over time could cause them to lose their full and organic shape. 

2. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. Leaving them in direct sun or moderate heat will cause any preserved greenery or filler to dry out sooner than it should, and can cause discoloration to preserved leaves.

3. Keep your florals away from high humidity. Keep them away from bathrooms, and we recommend against storing your flowers in basements or other damp environments. Excess moisture in the room can cause the glycerin that is used to preserve natural greenery, to "weep" or seep out of the leaf and leave a mild waxy film on some of the leaves. If you know that you will have the flowers in a high humidity environment for a period of time, you can run a fan on the flowers, and this will help to mitigate any potential weeping that may try to occur in the humid room. Weeping of the glycerin should not be a significant issue in most environments, but be aware that in certain scenarios it could be something to keep an eye on. If you have no preserved greenery in your design, you should not have to worry about the humidity level.

3. You can always store any accessory items (boutonnieres, wrist corsages, hair combs etc.) as they come, in their display boxes. 

4. Store your larger arrangements either in, or out, of the paper bouquet wrap that they come wrapped in ~ the choice is yours :). As long as they are not stored down in the box, the paper wrap on the arrangements should not pose an issue. 

5. Do feel free to re-package your flowers in the original shipping box for a short time should you need to travel with them 

6. Don't place any products from Evergreen Bride in water :) None of our products are fresh florals, and so none of them will need to be watered in any way. CHECK mark on reason #251 to buy from Evergreen Bride for your wedding day, am I right?!

7. Don't worry if your flowers get damp on your wedding day from rain drops ~ just make sure they are left out of their packaging to dry back out over night, and your flowers will remain perfect!

8. You can TOTALLY spray your favorite scent, perfume, or cologne on any of your floral arrangements! Take care to spray from the bottom up so that you don't risk leaving any visible oil drops on your flower petals, but this is an amazing way to make your wood flowers even more your own. Using a special scent that is meaningful to you on your bridal florals, will allow you to be intimately reminded of your wedding day for years to come, every time you breathe in that same scent or perfume.

9. Your flowers may get a bit dusty over the years; no worries ~ canned air (you know, like for keyboards and stuff :D) will work well to get rid of any excess dust may settle down on your flowers over time. Don't try to "clean" or rinse your flowers... I don't think you would! Just covering those bases. Just in case :).

10. Best of all. If you ever run into an issue with your flowers from Evergreen Bride, just e-mail us! Shoot us a message to, and we'll see what we can do to get you fixed up :).

And that's it! It really can't get any easier than caring for wooden wedding florals. Please reach out to us if we forgot anything, and we hope you love them more every day!


Owner + Founder, Evergreen Bride