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5 Eco Friendly Flower Girl or Exit Toss Ideas

Ideas for the bride who wants both biodegradable &  beautiful!

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.

1. Miniature Sola Wood Flowers

Why toss petals when you could toss the whole flower? These beautiful, 100% biodegradable floral buds will have your aisle looking oh so elegant for your big entrance. The term "sola wood flowers" describes the plant material the flowers are made from making them a favorite eco friendly option of ours. 

2. Dried Rose Petals

Take a twist on the classic rose petal toss and consider using dried rose petals instead! Preserved mini rose petals offers all the beauty that a classic rose would, with the functionality of a preserved floral made to last. These dainty petals will provide the perfect touch of timeless beauty to your wedding ceremony.

And so together they built a life they loved

3. Preserved Hydrangea Petals

If you are longing for a beautiful, yet subtle, look for your flower girl or exit toss, preserved white hydrangea petals are an ideal choice for you. Delicate and airy, these petals are another wonderful eco friendly toss option that are on the more dainty side.

4. Dried Lavender Buds

Simple yet stunning, dried lavender buds are perfect to be showered with as you exit your wedding ceremony. Dried lavender will also retain some of its signature scent which will provide a lovely and calming aroma as well.

Darling, you are all I ever wanted love to be.

5. Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus Leaves

Are you the kind of bride that can't get enough greenery? Try gorgeous, silvery blue-green preserved eucalyptus leaves in place of the traditional petal toss. It will provide a more modern and earthy look that is completely eco friendly! 

Our eucalyptus having been preserved with glycerin doesn't change the leaf significantly aside from appearance-- once the leaf is introduced to the bacteria and the fungi of in the ground it will still break down naturally. Glycerin primarily preserves the smoothness and the "waxiness" feel of the fresh leaf, making for a much prettier and softer leaf than dried. The glycerin also helps to preserve the natural scent of the eucalyptus, while not as strong, it usually will still be there. An absolutely beautiful and modern alternative to silk flowers or outdated rice grain!

Today there really are SO many options, we can't decide which one we love the most :).


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