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  **THIS IS THE DIY VERSION OF OUR AUDREY COLLECTION; it is NOT for an assembled product. We incl...


**THIS IS THE DIY VERSION OF OUR AUDREY COLLECTION; it is NOT for an assembled product. We include all instructional material necessary to create beautiful, stunning arrangements exactly as shown. With purchase of this kit, all elements of the items purchased will be separated by type, labeled, and/or boxed neatly and beautifully. Step by step instructions and photos will be include to assist with assembly. Our DIY Kits are the best in the industry, have received rave reviews for quality and ease in assembly, and provide you with the ability to create professional arrangements, at a fraction of the cost of our assembled options. These kits also eliminate the last minute rush and stress of real florals, and perhaps even allow you to enjoy a fabulous, memory-making girls night with your maids :).**



The Emma collection is a beautiful, non perishable faux eucalyptus collection for every bride who wants the beauty and simplicity of silver dollar eucalyptus, without the concern of wilting leaves in fresh florals. The soft green silver dollar leaves are the perfect backdrop for our wooden flowers, in romantic shades of mauve, light peach, ivory and champagne. Additional faux textures are brought in with the mauve berry clusters, faux asparagus fern and sage green Italian ruscus. The bridal is a cascade design with cascading greenery; the bridesmaids and miniature flower girl are hand gathered arrangements. 


Faux silver dollar eucalyptus

Faux plumosa fern

Faux italian ruscus

Faux lamb's ear

Faux mulberry flower

Preserved misty green caspia


Wood flowers conditioned and colored in ivory, dusty rose, and burgundy.

Bouquet handles finished with multiple layers of  ivory velvet ribbon, with exposed natural stems

Boutonniere and lapel corsage stems will be finished with ivory velvet ribbon, with exposed natural stems

Wrist corsages will be built on a beautiful ivory pearl wristlet

Floral hair comb created with a flexible clear acrylic 3” floral comb, finished length approximately 4”



Groom's Boutonniere ~ One 2" flower and one 1" mini flower

Groomsmen/Other Boutonniere ~ Two 1" flowers

Ring Bearer Boutonniere ~ Single 1" mini flower

Lapel Corsage ~ One 2" flower and one 1” mini flower

Junior Floral Crown ~ Up to 8 miniature 1" flowers

Bridal Floral Crown ~ Up to 15 miniature 1" flowers

Floral Hair Comb ~ Three to four miniature 0.5-1" flowers

Wrist Corsage ~ Two 2" flowers

Centerpieces ~ Built in a raw pine wood box, each box is 4’’ x 4’’ x 2.3’’ | dimensions of actual floral arrangement will be bigger than the box - the diameter of the actual floral arrangement will be whatever size you purchase

Arch Arrangements ~ Our arch arrangements are built into floral foam, which is secured on a solid wood base, which ensures your arch arrangement is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing with no wires/stems/glue showing when you mount your arrangement. Arch arrangements come ready to mount to your arch, and work well with most arches. 

Floral Crowns - Junior flower crown measures approximately 14”, with an additional 24" lace ribbon for adjustability. Bridal floral crown measures approximately 20”, with additional 24" lace ribbon for adjustability.


Not all sizes are available in every collection ~ please see available options in the dropdown menu.

Signature Bridal: 24-26” diameter

Grand Bridal: 14” diameter

Luxe Bridal: 12" diameter

Intimate Bridal: 10" diameter

Classic Bridesmaid: 7" diameter

Flower Girl Mini: 3-4" diameter, uses miniature wood flowers instead of regular size flowers

~Cascade Sizes:

Cascading Luxe Bridal: 12-13” diameter, 18-20” cascade drop

Cascading Intimate Bridal: 9-10” diameter, 14-16” cascade drop



To request custom flower colors in this design, simply refer to our COLOR GUIDE, and include the color names in the NOTES section at checkout. The same ratio of accent color to ivory will be used, but we will replace the accent colors with your specific color requests. Make sure you indicate which colors you want used in the accessories that have a limited number of flowers in each.


See our banner on each page to get current lead times. This is the LEAD time to reach your order, not production time. It only takes a couple of days to complete an order once we reach it, but we are booked out several weeks at any given time. 


We ship exclusively via UPS. Shipping typically takes 2-5 days, at this time shipping only within the USA.


We import all of our sola wood flowers directly from India. We hand soften, and hand color, all of our flowers by hand, and then pair with them with preserved or premium faux greenery to create our signature arrangements. Please note, the final product can and will vary slightly from these pictures, due to the handmade and natural aspect of our products All items purchased will be made to order ~ you are not purchasing the exact item shown in these photos, although the item shown in the photos was made by Evergreen Bride and will be nearly identical to yours. The soft wooden flowers used in our arrangements are a NATURAL sola wood product, which means they do have the rare, but inevitable, wood grain spot or mark.

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