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Operations Manager

Lauren was the brave, first time employee of the business, and quickly became the owner's right hand, and valued friend. Calm, cool, collected, she helps make sure we get every order out the door on time, and up to every bride's expectations.


What the world should know about Lauren:

"Although I grew up in many different places around Arkansas, I find that where I'm from isn't about a location but the places that helped mold me into who I am today. I spent many days growing up helping in the garden, tending to the animals and riding along on construction equipment just to be near those I love most. We were constantly moving and there was not much consistency, aside from always packing. Which looking back now, it taught me how to befriend anyone and always make the best of any situation. I always told myself I would graduate high school and move out of state to live on a beach somewhere. Instead, I met the love of my life at the worst time of both of our lives. We helped pull each other out of the mud, quite literally on some occasions. It all started with a message asking, my now husband, when he was going to take me mudding. As a child, and still today, I enjoy going on trail rides and getting a little dirty. Some times, more than just a little. Now-a-days, we take a much cleaner and more calming route by going for joy rides on the motorcycle when we get the chance. We have two beautiful children together that keep us busy constantly. Most days now are filled with work, softball or basketball, girl scouts, and tending to our land. In our free time we love to spend our weekends soaking up the sun out on the lake while pulling the kids around on the tube or baking the time away making all kinds of sweets and treats with my little girls."

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